Dispense All The Product & Increase Its Shelf Life With Airless Bottles

These luxury cosmetic bottles with a mechanical pump create a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system to get "every last drop". The sleek tube design makes the containers easy to grasp and press for convenient use. And our up-spring system allows a metal free pathway for the product to travel through.

Our Bottles Are Ideal For:

  • creams

  • lotions

  • serums

  • liquid foundation

Choose From These Design & Attachment Options:

  • bottles are made from PP or AS/SAN material, caps come in AS/SAN or PP

  • full transparent bottle and cap option, or several different colors to choose from

  • decorate with printing, hot stamping, spray or injection coloring

  • volumes from 7 - 50 ml

To Get Samples:

After you have browsed the catalogue, if you would like to obtain samples of any airless bottles or the pump/cap option, please email our project manager Amy with your request and the best address to send the samples:


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