100% PCR PET

Bottles & Jars Made From Post-Consumer Recycled PET Plastic

Luxurious cosmetic containers from 100% PCR material for the most eco-friendly packaging on the market. Made in our unique and sturdy "Heavy Wall style".

This material is ideal for brands looking to fulfill a "green" promise to their audience:

  • any of the bottles or jars in our catalogue can be done in 100% PCR PET

  • our PCR is GRS 4.0 (Global Recycled Standard) certified via Intertek Testing Services

  • Athe material also meets many EU standards such as RoHs, Reach, etc (see our declaration)

PCR Options:

  • original colors of white, cream, and green tea

  • or decorate with printing, hot stamping, spray or injection coloring

  • Download our PCR PET Report for more information.

To Get Samples:

After you have browsed the catalogue, if you would like to obtain samples of any PCR bottles or jars, please email our project manager Amy with your request and the best address to send the samples:


Learn About Our Process Of Reclaiming Plastic To Turn It Into High Quality Post-Consumer Recycled Containers

The production of PCR containers involves a painstaking process of collecting, sorting, and cleaning after-market material. The reduction on environmental impact is, of course, priceless.

In partnership with DA.AI Technology Co, our PCR process begins with the collection of used PET plastic bottles by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. Founded in 1966, Tzu Chi is one of the largest charity organizations originating from Taiwan. Nearly 2,000 tons of PET bottles are collected each year, from 5,400 Tzu Chi recycling stations in the country.

The volunteers carefully follow this process to recycle each bottle one by one:

The bottles are sorted and then washed. They go through a bale, breaker, vibrator, and separator. After that they are crushed into flakes, and finally melted into PET resin. From there we can produce the "new" containers entirely from this post-consumer recycled material.

Epopack heavy wall PET packaging for beauty products