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For Brands Looking To Assert Themselves On The Market

Make Your Next Launch Stand Out... In Style

Cosmetic packaging is for brands as canvas is for the painter -- the foundation for a potential masterpiece.

It certainly helps to have options.

Briefly, we’ll examine two completely different use cases where our FA Series PET Heavy Wall bottles can help brands assert themselves on their markets

Maybe it gives you some ideas for your next launch:

  • 1. Organic, back-to-nature positioning and focus on ingredients. Storyline could include a recent ancestor (eg. grandmother).

    As in the photo above, the thick, rounded bottle FA series can combine a retro amber color with black attachments.

    Even without additional decoration, the effect is of a vintage apothecary-style presentation on the shelf.

  • Epopack sustainable packaging design for beauty products
  • 2. Clean & ultra-modern. Positioning could include “transparency” in process, in products, in spokesperson, etc.

    The FA series can also be completely clear. Glass-like clarity, in fact. Or for an even more luxe touch, attachments can be done in silver or gold.

The FA bottles come in many different colors, with all attachment options, and can be decorated with printing, hot stamping, spray color, or injection color.

There are two restrained sizes in this series:

And, of course, the EPOPACK standard – the bottle made of fully-recyclable PET plastic. The Heavy Wall style gives it the solidity and appearance of glass, in a light, shatterproof construction.

To see if the FA Series is the right fit for your brand, or to get a personal consultation to compare all your options, email our project manager Amy Pan:


Epopack sustainable packaging design for beauty products