PET Heavy Wall Combines The Best Qualities of Glass & Plastic Packaging

When we say "Heavy Wall style", we mean a material that is extremely durable, with absolutely no compromise on beauty or luxury of the look and feel.

At EPOPACK, all of our PET plastic is done in the Heavy Wall style. It requires special machines and expertise to produce, but the results speak for themselves. The term Heavy Wall refers to the container's surface, which is very sturdy.

What Exactly Is The "Heavy Wall Style"?

  • it is high-clarity and appears to look like glass

  • its sturdy construction makes it shatterproof, crack proof, and chemical resistant

  • it is not heavy in weight -- in fact it is lighter than glass and acrylic

  • it does not require multiple layers, and so it is thinner than glass and acrylic

  • it is rated International Recycle Code #1 (the most recyclable plastic)

Because PET plastic is used so widely in food and beverage containers (like water bottles), some people assume that it may be a flimsy or cheap material. In terms of cosmetic packaging, this could not be further from the truth. When done in the Heavy Wall style, PET containers are strong, striking, and quite luxurious.

PET Heavy Wall bottles and jars can be customized and decorated in many ways, including printing, hot stamping, spray or injection coloring. Several of our caps and attachments are also made using PET Heavy Wall for the same robust construction (and of course to have single-material packaging that is more convenient to recycle).

Try The Ideal Combination Of Beauty & Sustainability In Cosmetic Packaging

See for yourself the difference when bottles and jars are done in PET Heavy Wall.

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Epopack heavy wall PET packaging for beauty products